Neil Elliott

red_and_white_faced_surma_boy_60x60.jpgAn emerging artist who pushes the boundaries of convention, Neil Elliott and his works are gaining prominence in the astute private art buying sector.

Inspired by his own journey through life Elliott’s artworks extrude a rawness of emotion and extend the boundaries of traditional fine art, combing the rules of design with the surreal expressive world of art.

Always seeking to explore and expand his own boundaries, Elliott has trained in many fine art mediums, including but not exclusive to, printmaking, photography, painting, life drawing and mixed media. These skills, coupled with his ability to merge the technical world of design with the emotional and often sensitive world of visual art, has created a style that is distinctively ‘Elliott’.

Elliott’s works are fresh, provocative and moody, yet remain honest. It is the rawness of emotion, the honesty that captures the viewer’s attention and builds direct relatedness with the work.

Of his latest Africa collection Elliott states: 

"My interest in Africa first emerged around 10 years ago (1998) when I discovered a book full of amazing images of African people doing all kinds of bizarre and wonderful things. The book is called Soul of Africa – Magical Rites and Traditions.

The amazing ceremonies and colourful costumes in the book stirred my curiosity which has now developed into a keen interest. Since discovering this book I have spent countless hours researching and collecting images of the diverse and colourful cultures that are Africa.

Using these gathered resources as inspiration I draw thumbnail or small sketches and base my final paintings on these. Drawing on my years of experimenting with various painting techniques and medium, my final works are mainly created using a combination of acrylic, gesso and bitumen putty on board.Some of my works are realistic while others are abstract with illustrative elements. I have tried to keep my abstract work reasonably authentic in its content and colour while at the same time adding my own style.

In my research I have learned that my preconceived stereotypical concepts of African culture were ignorant to say the least. I discovered that there are many tribes throughout Africa all with very different cultures. I found that most tribes have many different artistic practices. From painted puppets and masks to beautifully carved fertility figures, brightly coloured ceremonial costumes to wonderfully painted faces.

I hope my collection of African paintings introduce the viewer to a side of African culture they may not have seen before – the beauty of the people the richness of the land and the diversity of the cultures. Most of all I hope the viewer enjoys them as much as I enjoyed creating them."

To view Neil Elliott's work online click here: Elliott Gallery

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